I have recently used RightMove.co.uk to look for houses to buy and then rent after we changed our minds about buying. I have found a lot of estate agents don’t really update their websites often enough making house hunting online pointless as the one you want has invariable gone 6 weeks ago. RightMove was a lot better (though not quite perfect) and we were able to find properties based on our search criteria that actually existed.


What a difference a year makes, especially in the real estate brokerage business. Everything was hot a year ago, but today we’re back to a normal, read longer market times, market in most areas of the country. I spend time every week teaching new agents the day-to-day parts of the business and coach many other new and experienced agents. I have them fill out a survey about common take aways from the business. Here are some of the results, based on full-time agents with at least three closed transactions.

-Internet. The main source for buyers and sellers. Followed by:Sphere of influence, open houses, networking, floor duty.

-8 hours per day. The average number of hours per day, new agents said they worked in the first year in residential real estate.

-6.3 Days worked per week. The average number of days new agents said they worked in the first year in residential real estate.

-5 Hours. The average number of hours new agents said they worked in their office the first year in residential real estate.

-7 1/2 months. How long did it take for you to feel confident about the services you offered to real estate consumers.

-Less than twenty percent wore company issued name tags.

-Thirty-percent. Said they choose not to put their picture on their real estate business cards.

-3. Number of open houses they hosted per month, either their own or another agent in their office listing.

-90%. Said floor duty was a good use of time to find motivated buyers and sellers.

-95%. Said they didn’t consider taking any additional training their first year in residential real estate sales.

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